About Lisa
Lisa Aman, Lic. Midwife is owner and creator of D.T.B. She has been a Licensed Midwife in S.C. and has trained midwives with her home birth practice since 1986. She created her school Midwife To Be in 2002. Many midwives have become CPMs and LMs doing M.T.B.. She also has led many student teams overseas to help deliver babies and do Doula work in Haiti, Uganda, and Dominican Republic. she also started a web site Global Midwife for 3rd world work for Doulas and Midwives. She was an EMT and/or a EMTI for approximately 20 years licensed in Texas and South Carolina. Lisa started 2 Doula hospital programs in the 1980s. Doula work is her passion as much as her midwifery and she takes doula clients along with Midwife clients.She is the mother of 4 children and has delivered as a teen mom, VBAC mom, home and hospital birth, breech, c-section, and large baby that was saved with position changes. She breastfed all 4 of her children for at least 1 year. She has 7 grandchildren, 2 of which she had the pleasure of delivering. Her hobbies include gardening, sewing, nutrition and Bible study. Lisa is Married to Chris and together they have training center.

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