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D.T.B. Mission Statement

D.T.B. is a doula program for anyone who wants to serve moms in labor anywhere in the world. D.T.B. believes that our bodies were created to birth and it works best when mom is in a safe and comfortable environment and is undisturbed as much as possible, if she desires. We also find it helpful to encourage moms to find the care provider and birth location she is most comfortable with. We feel that birth can be a very exciting, but fearful time for many so we strive to help moms find the best birth possible given their circumstances. Doulas are not trained in medical techniques, but in ways to assist the mom in emotional and physical support including position changes as needed to keep mom comfortable. Your doula is a friend by your side to walk you through your birth experience no matter what the circumstances are. She will be be trained in ways to help you make good choices and to make the journey more comfortable and will help to empower the mom and spouse in having the best birth possible. Twelve hours of classes will be offered online or in person, along with projects, required reading, and four births to volunteer at. D.T.B. members will sign a code of conduct saying that they will act and appear professionally and perform to meet high standards.