To graduate

  • Must attend all 12 classes live or recorded
  • Must read 4 books and do book review
  • Must send in 3 birth stories from 3 moms
  • Must witness and help moms in some way at 3 births
  • Must have been to a series of childbirth classes (live or online)


COST   $300 regular students

$125 serving/ living in developing Nation. (email for applicationNote fees are non refundable but can finish certification any time in the future.

BOOKS   : choose  4 books to read…1 must be breastfeeding one Doula work

DOULA WORK (1)The Birth Partner By Simkins

The Doula Book By Klause

A Doulas Journey into the world of Birth by Goldstein

The Nurturing Touch At Birth by Perez

Birth Ambassadress by Morton

Mothering The  Mother by Klause

Birth work (2) :       The Doula Business Guide by Brennan

The Gentle Art of Newborn and Family Care by Webber

Ma Doula : A Story Tour of Birth by Sorrensen

Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth By Gaskin

The 4th Trimester by Johnson

Round The Circle- Doula by Brill

Pregnancy Birth and the Newborn by Simpkin

Breastfeeding (1 ):  Breastfeeding Made Simple by Mohr Bacher

Leleche League Breastfeeding book

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Newman

Nursing Mothers Companion book by Huggins

Latch by Kaplan




Renewal is every 2 years.  Requirements are 

    • 2 birth stories from a birth you helped at
    • read 2 books childbirth books and 1 breastfeeding book and do mini book report


  • $25 fee for  current certificate